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La Raine Seifer
Attorney at Law.

Our offices are located in Napa, Ca and serve the whole Napa Valley and North Bay Area. We are a full service law office focusing on Family Law as well as Mediation of Family Law. The reality is that in the current fiscal climate the Courts have very limited resources when it comes to assisting clients in Family Law cases. The focus has shifted to encouraging the parties to make informed decisions as to what is in their individual family’s best interest when there is a dissolution of the family unit rather than leaving it to the Court to decide. Relegating this very important process to Judges, who have little time to fully understand your particular case and issues, is becoming more and more infrequent. This is where we will be there for you. We will fully inform you of the relevant law in your particular case and then provide you with the various options available to you in order to reach an equitable resolution of your case. It is a process whereby you will understand the law and then be able to apply it to your case and avoid costly litigation.

Our services at Family Law Matters are designed to focus on each client’s individual needs. Since no case is the same we strive to treat each matter in a way that is unique to your individual situation. We are also keenly aware that many issues related to dissolution of a relationship is fraught with fear and uncertainty. We consider it our job to make sure that each client is comfortable with the options that may be available to them. We have found that this in turn will assist them in alleviating much of the turmoil and apprehension during this very difficult process. Since knowledge is power our main focus is informing the client as to what to expect at each stage in the process. We also offer extensive experience with collaborative conflict resolution through the mediation process. We strive to avoid costly litigation where possible. For a step by step assessment of your individual situation please call for an initial no cost phone consultation. We offer a full range of services from mere document preparation to limited scope representation as to resolution of some specific issues, as well as taking a whole case from beginning to end, again with a focus on mediation and collaborative resolution.